As I said @mark.lythgoe normal service will resume shortly. We apologise for the lapse in judgement earlier 😂😜

The boys are chilling on the couch - pity I’ve got to work…

Well here I am, on my todd at a hotel in bandit country (aka next to London city airport) with a replacement flight booked for far-too-early-oclock tomorrow morning. At least the beer is cold (and free courtesy of @british_airways )

Early morning and whadyaknow I’m at an airport.

Somebody really doesn’t want to go for a walk. #lazydog

Preparing dinner the only way I know how… with a craft beer and some nibbles. Fajitas tonight!

Having a cheeky wee pilsner… and cake at the SkyGarden 🇬🇧😀

Lunchtime and the sun is shining. Working from home isn’t so bad sometimes.

Lazy Sunday afternoons, sun is shining (for a change). 11 miles on the bike earlier with my boy so time to relax and look after Mrs W.

Saw this and immediately thought of @colindomoney