klm looking after me this morning with a coffee before take off. Little things that make a difference.

When in the Netherlands… well it would be rude not to…

This is just coke, definitely no morgans dark rum in there. No. No. 😀😳 way too early for that… ahem… 😝✊️

I think it’s finally sinking in that 1) he’s off to Amsterdam for two days for some plane spotting geekery with his dad and 2) his mum and dad are the masters of secrecy

Very pleased with the blue nylon Apple Watch strap I got for my birthday. Super comfortable and looks great with my aluminium sports first gen.

Was great to be back in London for a couple of days this week. Good coffee once again! @curators_coffee

Room with a view. Time for some champagne with mrs w.

Stopping off for a wee spot of lunch with Mrs W on our wee night away

Beautiful morning in Eschborn, you would never know it’s -3

The home made vegan madras curry was amazing, even the dogs wanted some (they never got any)! #veganlife

Cooking a madras with chickpeas, red pepper and spinach. Who says vegan has to be boring! #veganlife

Who says going vegan has to be boring!? Tofu katsu curry ftw!

Cheeky wee champagne on a Friday night, just because we can.

Waiting patiently for their roast chicken dinner.

Thinking about buying a new book, not sure though…

Oh the irony, an advert in the KLM inflight magazine for the Galaxy Note 7 - saw it just after the attendant ordered anyone with ANY Samsung mobile to power it off.