First in the office… again. So much for German efficiency.

Mrs W is having a coconut mohito. Guess I’m the designated driver then…

Lunch with mrs W. Really cleverly designed Thai place - very authentic.

Some new high school kids I know should take note - bullying is for losers.

The end result after the three of us gave it our all. Defeated, kind of. What a place!

Amazing food, you eat with your (freshly cleaned) fingers, messy but amazing!

And to finish a hard night of partying for one… Some still water, chilled of course.

Aw yeah… Living the rock & roll lifestyle in Germany. Party for one!

Last day in paradise. Now where did I put that cocktail? 🌴🌞🍸

Words fail to capture just how incredible this place really is.

So to balance out the small-ish beer I’m having a salmon salad.

It’s warm and I need something cold to cool me down… Ahhh just what the doctor ordered!

My taxi this evening. Frankfurt in the morning.

Watching the Germany v Northern Ireland game with our German colleagues. Beer, bread, cheese, meat & crisps. Good times!

Adios London. It’s been fun. Let’s do it again some time.

No time for a pint. Loving walking around London again.

A beautiful evening in London. Nice to be back even if only for a few days.