The St. Andrews flag flying in the German sky 😛

Not a great photo of the blood moon, best I could manage with my trusty iPhone!

My boy @mackenzie__waddell got a @shoulderpod iPhone grip as a wee treat today. He takes a mean photo so here’s hoping he takes many more!

Certainly is @pactcoffee ! I so need a great coffee this morning!

Another raindance panel - creating an animated film

Cha Han donburi with chicken and prawns and a side of edamame. Awesome.

Having some of this. Really rather nice - low cal and fat free. Something must be wrong!?

Tamarind glazed salmon with sweet potato fries. Yum

First of the day. Just like being in the Caribbean… except it’s raining and we are in Glasgow

So where exactly am I meant to sit? Dogs have taken over! Guess I’m on the floor.

Lovely cup of coffee - this blend from @pactcoffee is really nice, rich and intense

Got my next @pactcoffee in the post today. The kettle is on!

Raining. Fantastic. Miles from my apartment. No hood.