Great coffee. A wee break from the sun and some wifi as a bonus.

Home at last. Having a lovely cold craft beer. Mrs W knows me so well 😀

Travelling home. Been a long hot week. Time to cool down!

I think my boy’s favourite colour might just be green. Just a thought…

Got one of these thru the door today. Seriously. Have these guys heard of that thing called the Internet? Straight in the bin!

Just had a fabulous jake and mushroom omelette with superfood salad at the Crowne Plaza Mariner restaurant

About to have this for my breakfast. I don’t understand what’s happening to me.

Swanky new @Easyjet plane for the flight back home.

Ready to fly to London with @Easyjet. Lovely morning too!

Finished! Need to roll out of the restaurant now! Stuffed!

Dinner tonight. Tapas German style. Very good too.