Dinner tonight. Nice and light meal in Germany ;)

Hmmmmm…. I wonder what’s in the box :) @mackenzie__waddell @georgia_waddellxx

Look what I found @georgia_waddellxx @mackenzie__waddell

Thanks to @cranialstrain for reminding me how great the coffee is here @associationec3. It’s been a while!

Now THIS is a burger. A venison burger no less.

Rundown estate between bishopton and langbank #darkroomapp

Last day in Frankfurt. Always good to catch up with my German team. Much food. Many beers.

So either a robbers kabobs or a gipsy kabobs. Mmmmmm

Tower 42 looking great in the sunshine earlier this week.

Not sure Asda have thought through their product placement very well this Valentine’s Day.

Awesome winters morning. Walking the dog after a great Burns night at Clydebank and district golf club.

I feel like sushi tonight. Like Sushi tonight. #homagetoachickentonightadvert