Chilli Cheese Toast

I recently had dinner at Dishoom in Shoreditch… with some friends and could not believe something so simple could be so tasty - chilli cheese toast.

So… I tried to make it myself - it was awesome - see the photo for the pre-toasted first version (not the best, the second round was way better but of course I forgot to photograph it!). Mrs W loved it (always a good year of any food related experiments for me!) and we ended up having too much of it 🤪

You need:

  • finely chopped green chillis (add a couple of bird eye ones if you’re feeling adventurous!)
  • coriander finely chopped
  • spring onion
  • grated cheese
  • thick bread - any style tbh

To make it:

  • lightly toast one side of the bread under a hot grill
  • spread the grated cheese over the I toasted side of the bread
  • spread the chilli, spring onion and coriander across the cheese
  • toast until the cheese has fully melted and the edges of the bread are nicely browned