First dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine done and dusted today. Thankful to NHS Scotland and all staff at local vaccination centre for keeping us safe and hopefully bringing us back to some kind of normality soon. 🙏

Beautiful day on the west coast of Scotland. Perfect for a brief walk around the village with one of our dogs then to the village shop for some sunshine goodies.

My office refurb is almost complete, I think it looks fantastic, definitely what I was looking for. It looks great in the daytime and after dark #homeoffice

Refurbishing my home office as it will shortly be my official working location for my next role. Might as well make it a more pleasant place to be. #homeworkingspace #homeoffice

The metaphorical junction IRL

Taking a different route on my morning walk today and I think there is a prescient message in this photo. I’m at a junction in my professional career and I have important decisions to make today that will affect not just me but my entirely family for years to come. An emotional and challenging day ahead I think.

Really pleased with this little bit of memorabilia that arrived in the post today courtesy of @airskinz Airskinz - a small piece of the fuselage from the very first B747 delivered to BOAC back in 1970 (the year I was born).

Thursday night is when the weekend begins… right? In truth it’s our 23rd wedding anniversary so that’s allowed whatever night of week! #anniversary

Sometimes you cannot beat a small mocha cortado on a chilly morning ❄️☕️

It’s a horrible wet and miserable afternoon here on the Scottish west coast, so it’s time for coffee and to pay tribute to THE James Bond, Sean Connery, in Goldfinger.

Went for a walk yesterday evening, great sunset. Autumn is definitely here… it was a little chilly here on the Scottish west coast.

Some photos from my early morning walk. Wonderful to have this less than a 10 minute walk from our front door.

Some photos and videos of my daughter Georgia and her fantastic horse Zimara at some cross country training this past weekend. Lovely weather, a great location (Houston House in Scotland) and a very patient and experienced trainer in David Gatherer. A great day out.

Is this indicative of a rum habit getting out of hand? Asking for a friend…

Slow but steady. Sometimes we all need to slow down a little and appreciate the little things in life (literally) #snail

On the Disney+ bandwagon now that it’s launched in the UK. Starting way back almost at the beginning of the Marvel universe with Iron Man 2…

Chilli Cheese Toast

I recently had dinner at Dishoom in Shoreditch… with some friends and could not believe something so simple could be so tasty - chilli cheese toast.

So… I tried to make it myself - it was awesome - see the photo for the pre-toasted first version (not the best, the second round was way better but of course I forgot to photograph it!). Mrs W loved it (always a good year of any food related experiments for me!) and we ended up having too much of it 🤪

You need:

  • finely chopped green chillis (add a couple of bird eye ones if you’re feeling adventurous!)
  • coriander finely chopped
  • spring onion
  • grated cheese
  • thick bread - any style tbh

To make it:

  • lightly toast one side of the bread under a hot grill
  • spread the grated cheese over the I toasted side of the bread
  • spread the chilli, spring onion and coriander across the cheese
  • toast until the cheese has fully melted and the edges of the bread are nicely browned


Crazy how Apple is getting a hard time for Apple TV+ and being “pushy” with its own shows… yet this is “perfectly fine” when I’m searching for house plants in the Amazon app 🤷‍♂️ @reneritchie