Earth day challenge achieved!

Sitting outside on a warm-ish spring night, listening to good music and drinking nice wine with your better half… What’s not to like?!


Early morning sunrise from Tower Bridge London. Such a great city.

This is an incredible and almost unbelievable story - fantastic podcast…

Lovingly my new Mac Mini with LG monitor setup.

The iOS Podcast app in iOS 12.2 is really rather good - 3D Touch to mark an episode as played is so intuitive, the app seems to work remarkably well, syncing works reliably between devices (iCloud sync perhaps now?) and the animations are really smooth too. Surprisingly I’m using it more than Overcast or Castro, which is an interesting twist of fate. All it needs is dark mode and I’m all in (which im assuming will come in iOS 13).

Upgraded to the $10 a month plan so I can a) support the great work @manton and team do, and b) post short video and audio bits & bobs… (you have been warned!).

Cold beer with/for lunch. Don’t mind if I do.

Tall building is… tall.

Nice cold beer, fantastic views and superb food. What more could you ask for?!