2019-11-16: The dogs are rather comfy tonight.

2019-11-16: Crazy how Apple is getting a hard time for Apple TV+ and being “pushy” with its own shows… …

2019-11-04: Watched the first 2 episodes of The Morning Show on Apple TV+ with my other half, and we both …

2019-09-20: The iPhone 11 Pro cameras really are amazing, from the wide angle to the night mode it’s going to …

2019-09-12: Discuss…

2019-08-29: Great sunset tonight on the flight home from LGW to GLA with @easyjet

2019-08-26: Absolutely fantastic lunch with @waddell5081 today @butchers_steak_and_grill in Elderslie - first …

2019-08-25: Ramen and beer, perfect end to a great weekend in London with @fl36zero

2019-08-17: Saturday kitchen on the TVs in the gym… not helping!!!

2019-07-31: Watching the sea rolling in.

2019-07-27: When you’re waiting for take out at your favourite local Italian and it’s hot hot hot… 🍺 ☀️ …

2019-07-26: Nothing better than chilling by the pool in our happy place with a glass of well chilled rose wine.

2019-07-21: It’s a tough job… but we’re up for it! #firstworldproblems #sunshine🌞 #mojacar

2019-07-19: Let the holiday begin! #spainherewecome🇪🇸✈️

2019-07-16: When your dog believes he really is a human…

2019-07-07: Cracking day cycling round Cumbrae with my boy @fl36zero, brought back many fond memories of …

2019-07-02: Another new client office location means another slightly different route into the city which means …

2019-06-30: Well it looks like @georgia_waddellx has come up trumps with lunch today #family #avocadoeggtoast

2019-06-30: Hoping my daughter will make this amazing combo again soon - here’s what she made me for Father’s …

2019-06-29: Wise words. Good morning!

2019-06-26: Finally wearing this t-shirt today, thanks to the wonderful guys at Twitterrific for sending me it! …

2019-06-23: Happy 16th birthday to my beautiful daughter…how did that happen?! Beautiful inside and out …

2019-06-23: Spotted the weirdest cloud I’ve ever seen when driving to the shops yesterday. Never ever seen a …

2019-06-16: My daughter made me an amazing Father’s Day breakfast this morning, toast with smashed avocado …

2019-06-15: Twitterrific 6 Twitterrific 6 launched this week. I’ve used their apps on iPhone, iPad & Mac since, well, …

2019-06-01: That feeling when Liverpool win #uefachampionsleague

2019-06-01: Spot of dinner before watching the game at our local beach bar #liverpoolfc #holaola #thebestlife

2019-05-31: Aaannndddd relax!😀🍷#mojacar #puravida

2019-05-31: Cheeky few days away with @waddell5081 to our happy place. Bring on the sunshine! ☀️

2019-05-27: Nice wee walk around the village this morning. #bishopton #dargavel

2019-05-21: Smashing wee 10 mile cycle around the City of London last night. #santandercycles

2019-05-15: Indeed.

2019-05-15: Lovely morning in London. Have a great day people!

2019-05-04: Had a fantastic walk up Ben Vorlich today with my boy - he bagged his first Munro! Incredible …

2019-04-30: With my client office changing location that means a different walking route into the city, which …

2019-04-22: Earth day challenge achieved!

2019-04-20: Sitting outside on a warm-ish spring night, listening to good music and drinking nice wine with your …

2019-04-18: Early morning sunrise from Tower Bridge London. Such a great city.

2019-04-18: This is an incredible and almost unbelievable story - fantastic podcast …

2019-04-14: Lovingly my new Mac Mini with LG monitor setup.

2019-04-13: The iOS Podcast app in iOS 12.2 is really rather good - 3D Touch to mark an episode as played is so …

2019-04-12: Upgraded to the $10 a month micro.blog plan so I can a) support the great work @manton and team do, …

2019-04-05: Cold beer with/for lunch. Don’t mind if I do.

2019-04-05: Tall building is… tall.

2019-04-03: Nice cold beer, fantastic views and superb food. What more could you ask for?!

2019-04-03: Ahhh the peaceful tranquility of Jumeirah Beach Dubai… #hiltonjbrwalk

2019-04-01: When in Dubai (in an Irish bar). Lovely pint.

2019-03-31: Sunset in Dubai. Day one done.

2019-03-26: Job done @mattgemmellauthor - now I have to resist the temptation to read it instead of …

2019-03-26: Prepping for holiday next week, first things first, buying Toll by @mattgemmellauthor - been looking …

2019-03-24: It was 9 years ago today that my mum passed away suddenly. Not a day goes by that we don’t all think …

2019-03-14: So it turns out that @davidtennantpod DOES edit Wikipedia pages for his guests… …

2019-03-05: Hmmm so it seems likes a bunch of folks in the same offices as my client are doing some Facebook …

2019-02-25: Not bad for February.

2019-02-16: The dogs are keeping a look out for postmen, people in yellow high-vis vests and other dogs to bark …

2019-02-13: Good morning from London #nofilter #shotoniphone #iphonex

2019-02-11: Lovely flight from @gla_airport to @gatwickairport this morning on @british_airways 2953 flown by …

2019-01-27: A great walk up the “whangie” today with my dad and my boy.

2019-01-20: Looking forward to this. #healthylifestyle #steakdinner

2019-01-14: An active day today #knackered #gettingfit

2019-01-06: A glass of bubbly to “celebrate” the end of the festivities before dinner. Back to London tomorrow …

2018-12-31: My best 9 photos of 2018 #2018bestnine

2018-12-30: apple.news Apple exited the home Wi-Fi market at the wrong time - 9to5Mac

2018-12-30: Winters morning at the stables.

2018-12-26: Boxing Day footie with the auld yin’s.

2018-12-26: Christmas leftovers and lentil soup. The. Best.

2018-12-25: Let the Christmas cooking begin! Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you!

2018-12-20: I wasn’t expecting to see this airport tonight… well at least I’m in the right country, now I just …

2018-12-20: I wasn’t expecting to see this airport tonight… well at least I’m in the right country, now I …

2018-12-11: Photo Walk Around London December 2018

2018-12-07: So proud of my other half and the incredible hard work and thought she’s put in to make this room …

2018-12-05: What a difference a day makes… winter IS coming

2018-12-04: Apparently it’s Christmas soon, although you wouldn’t think it with the warm-ish weather in London.

2018-12-04: Sunrise from south London

2018-12-01: Gee thanks @Apple ! High five! 😳🧐

2018-11-25: Fajitas!!!

2018-11-14: One rule for us and one rule for them…

2018-11-08: Walking into the clients office.

2018-11-01: Quite possibly the coolest offices ever. Nice welcome touch too. #wework

2018-11-01: Good coffee this morning. #london #goodcoffee

2018-10-26: Looking forward to this meat fest for lunch.

2018-10-21: Mojácar October 2018 2018-10-13 2018-10-14 Dinner at La Pika, Mojacar 2018-10-15 It will do I guess. 2018-10-16 …

2018-10-17: I do love the currency and snarkiness of @carrot_app weather…

2018-10-15: Mildly disappointing. Guess we will have to make the most of it.

2018-10-10: Lovely morning down in Canary Wharf.

2018-10-08: Reason 82,768 to NOT use or trust Google services… www.wsj.com/articles/…

2018-10-08: I may be starting a trend. Two in a row makes a trend, right? #tube #iphonex #shotoniphone #london

2018-10-08: I love the contrast between the brickwork and the London Underground sign. #iphonex #london #tube …

2018-10-04: Heading home, last time in Frankfurt for quite a while I think. Auf wiedersehen my German friends! …

2018-10-02: Busy morning at the office…

2018-09-25: Just love love love the recent armchair expert podcast with @daxshepard and @teddanson - brilliant …

2018-09-24: Thoughtful thoughts from TFL South Kensington

2018-09-20: Is anyone else seeing this behaviour with iOS 12 and watchOS 5…? I install an app on iPhone …

2018-09-17: And now we are cooking!!! 1Password for iOS 12 is out. :)

2018-09-17: Hey there Overcast 5.0!

2018-09-17: App updates I’m most looking forward to: 1 - Overcast (new design and watch app) 2 - 1Password 3 - …

2018-09-17: iOS features I’m most looking forward to: 1 - Grouped notifications 2 - Screen time (to manage …

2018-09-17: Happy iOS 12 day everyone! What features and/or app updates are you most looking forward to?

2018-09-15: Bailey keeping a watch out for his mum coming home. @waddell5081 #iphonex #portrait #nofilter

2018-09-15: The quality of pictures from the portrait camera on the iPhone X in iOS 12 is just stunning.

2018-09-12: I’ve missed the Techs Message podcast guys over the summer. Welcome back! …

2018-09-10: Timely… I’ve been reducing the news accounts I follow on social media platforms like twitter …

2018-09-10: What happened to the tube trains?!

2018-09-07: So looking forward to the new versions of Keep It from reinventedsoftware.com - some amazing …

2018-09-04: My daughter just adores her horse Carrie, here she is giving her a quick groom before giving her …

2018-09-04: Wow… youtu.be/XLFEvHWD_…

2018-09-04: So do we think there will be an iOS 12 beta 13 today with GM next Wednesday after the Apple …

2018-09-04: Sunset from 35000 feet.

2018-09-03: Walking the dogs earlier today, love living near the countryside especially when the weather is …

2018-08-31: Ummm…. yeah… I’m trying Apple, really I am!!!

2018-08-25: Cooling down in the sun. #toughlife

2018-08-22: Slow Burn... For the first time in quite a long time I’ve run out of tech podcasts to listen to, however …

2018-08-22: Yup, it’s warm alright. #frankfurt #takingonefortheteam

2018-08-21: Heading out for dinner, it’s a “cool” 30 degrees right now. Ice cold beer required. #frankfurt …

2018-08-20: Been a while… #chipotlebowl

2018-08-20: www.quora.com/Why-shoul…

2018-08-17: Really really looking forward to the next release of Sunlit from @manton - Instagram is really …

2018-08-16: Some more from @gruber on the Twitter third party clients impacted by the API changes… …

2018-08-16: Some insight from Jim Dalrymple, rings true to me www.loopinsight.com

2018-08-14: Here we go! Today I bought "Server Side Swift with Vapor" from Ray Wenderlich to get me off the ground from a …

2018-08-13: Looking forward to seeing what newness Icro brings :)

2018-08-13: Back off to London this week for work, it’s been a wee while since I was last down in the “big …

2018-08-12: Getting back on track with my little software project… Thinking about code & software …

2018-08-11: Those on micro.blog (and perhaps Twitter as well) will appreciate the meaning of this - I’ve …

2018-08-09: Thinking about code & software stacks Amongst family summer holidays and work I've been thinking about what my little software project …

2018-08-01: Life really doesn’t get better than this… manchego cheese with locally grown tomatoes, made …

2018-07-31: Some cool drinks to finish off the evening. #mojacarplaya #puravida

2018-07-30: Working from (this) home wouldn’t be so bad I think…

2018-07-29: Slumming it.

2018-07-28: Aaaaanddd…. relax! Some lovely chilled wine in our happy place! Todo bien!

2018-07-28: Starting the holiday as we mean to go on. @waddell5081

2018-07-26: Seven hours into a @virginmedia Broadband outage so far today… not ideal, got a hugely busy …

2018-07-26: My love affair with Ubiquiti has grown this week. Got the Edge Router X last year (the most geek fun …

2018-07-25: A great guide to micro.blog - come and join! macgenie.micro.blog/2018/04/1…

2018-07-25: Thinking about something different... I have been working for a long (long) time as an independent IT consultant, focussing on IT …

2018-07-24: Kickstarting myself into Tuesday. #nespressocoffee

2018-07-21: Smashing wee afternoon at the Famous Grouse Experience with the oldies. #stillpreferrum

2018-07-18: Enjoying this truly excellent rum with @waddell5081

2018-07-18: Starting the day in the best way possible. With coffee.

2018-07-18: Starting the day in the best way possible. With coffee.

2018-07-17: To my developer friends out there… a question… What software progress/bug tracking …

2018-07-15: Had a great walk around Regent’s Park last week in London but forgot to post the photos. None of …


2018-07-13: Lovely plane. Pity about the orange baby that it’s transporting however.

2018-07-11: Hyde Park is empty. Something big must be on. Anyone got any ideas?

2018-07-11: I have an idea... ## What's this all about? _Well, first a little bit of history about me..._ I have been working for …

2018-07-07: Loving the hot weather - outdoor living really is the best.

2018-07-05: Donald picks the best people… apple.news/Ax1OFR_h4… Scott Pruitt, Trump’s EPA …

2018-07-05: Time for someone to write a first class micro.blog app… www.manton.org/2018/07/t…

2018-07-03: Went out for a great bike ride around London tonight. What did I miss?

2018-07-02: Working away from home all week and I’ve just discovered I left my AirPods in the house. …

2018-06-29: And here is the sad thing about it - I’m now a paying @Pocket user, and I really do like it. Way to …

2018-06-29: But here’s the thing - blocking EU IP addresses does NOT make @instapaper GDPR compliant! If I am an …

2018-06-29: It’s now been FIVE weeks since GDPR went live & @instapaper is still not available for folks …

2018-06-27: My first shake shack burger - double shackmeister with cheesy fries. IT. WAS. AMAZING….Need a …

2018-06-27: Time for a cool one.

2018-06-27: My first shake shack burger - double shackmeister with cheesy fries. IT. WAS. AMAZING….Need a …

2018-06-27: Time for a cool one.

2018-06-26: Has anyone got experience of developing web apps in Vapor? vapor.codes ? Good or bad?

2018-06-26: Having dinner in Itsu in Chelsea tonight and oh my goodness is it posh - there’s a couple of old …

2018-06-26: Having dinner in Itsu in Chelsea tonight and oh my goodness is it posh - there’s a couple of old …

2018-06-24: Maximum sleepage for Harvey after a hard day chasing the ball around the garden.

2018-06-24: Maximum sleep age for Harvey - been a tough old day chasing the ball round the garden.

2018-06-24: Maximum sleepage for Harvey after a hard day chasing the ball around the garden.

2018-06-20: Ice cold German beer, football (Spain v Iran) and sunshine here in Frankfurt. Perfekt!

2018-06-20: Ice cold beer, football (Spain v Iran) and sunshine. Perfekt!

2018-06-20: Ice cold beer, football (Spain v Iran) and sunshine. Perfekt!

2018-06-18: Working from the airport this afternoon with ALL the things!

2018-06-12: Walked around Greenwich, London this week - it’s really beautiful up at the royal observatory …

2018-06-12: Decided it’s about time I learned Swift… Playgrounds on the iPad is really a lot of fun. I …

2018-06-11: A wonderful episode of @gruber @thetalkshow from WWDC and it looks fantastic in the Castro podcast …

2018-06-10: What is it they say? Let sleeping dogs lie? :/

2018-06-06: For anyone running the iOS 12 beta… has the podcasts app changed at all? Or is it still as …

2018-06-06: My @apple AirPods & iPad Pro delight me every single day. Today I had to sign a document (that I …

2018-06-05: Does anyone have thoughts/preferences for a great code editor app on iPad? Specifically looking for …

2018-06-04: Really looking forward to WWDC today - no leaks potentially means lots of great software stuff is …

2018-05-31: Listening to this on repeat this morning, what a wonderful album. Melodic, thoughtful and beautiful. …

2018-05-31: Music for my morning commute. itunes.apple.com/gb/album/…

2018-05-27: This is becoming a habit… not that I’m complaining however…

2018-05-26: A well deserved refreshment after a long day.

2018-05-26: Has anyone worked out how to link a ghost blog to micro.blog?

2018-05-26: So much goodness in 1Password 7 for macOS blog.agilebits.com/2018/05/2… 1Password 7 for Mac: …

2018-05-25: Any fellow EU users getting worried/pi55ed off about @Instapaper and the abrupt shutdown in Europe …

2018-05-25: I don’t know what’s worse, being awake and travelling at such an ungodly hour, or having a McDonalds …

2018-05-24: Chilling out before packing up for the ridiculously early flight back to Scotland tomorrow morning …

2018-05-24: This is why I’ll never install an Alexa… Woman says her Amazon device recorded private …

2018-05-24: Living it up in Frankfurt…

2018-05-23: Oops I did it again…

2018-05-22: When in Germany…

2018-05-22: When in Germany…

2018-05-19: www.macrumors.com App Store Developers Form a ‘Union’ Ahead of WWDC Calling for Free …

2018-05-17: Is there a micro.blog meetup in London? Anyone know?

2018-05-16: Just subscribed to a paid micro.blog plan. These guys deserve to succeed where Twitter has utterly …


2018-05-02: It’s been quite an active day! 1253 active cals, 154 mins exercise, 14hrs standing #applewatch

2018-05-02: Another nice sunset in London

2018-04-30: Flying south for the week. @connor_mcnally I believe you’re co-pilot on this shiny Airbus Neo this …

2018-04-24: A very important woman finally recognised.

2018-04-24: Me and the legend that is @_michielmichiel so good to see this guy!






2018-04-17: Trying out this new micro blogging service. Excited to try out slightly longer form posting and it’s …







2018-04-10: And so starts another adventure…

2018-04-03: 3 amigos

2018-04-01: In our happy place.

2018-03-30: That’ll do nicely. @waddell5081

2018-03-17: Dinner with @fl36zero #sushi #favefoodever

2018-03-14: The best way to start the day.







2018-02-11: Bailey chilling on the sofa.

2018-02-11: Hot work in the kitchen tonight. Chicken fajitas on the go. @gooseisland IPA helping me stay cool.

2018-02-03: Awesome day with @fl36zero at Nevis Range today.

2018-02-02: Burns Supper 2018



2018-01-19: Dinner with my boy.

2018-01-14: Snowboarding stats from last weekend with @fl36zero at Glenshee

2017-12-30: The boys are tired and finally sharing their new bed.

2017-12-27: Great boxing day yesterday watching the footy with these three.

2017-12-23: All the presents are wrapped and the soup is made. Time for a Christmas movie and some bubbly to …




2017-12-11: Lunch - not all liquid I might add!

2017-12-10: Going to be sad leaving this…

2017-12-10: Cocktails to end a summer Sunday in Mauritius.

2017-12-06: Sunset by the pool #nofilter

2017-12-05: Climbing up. Go for it little gecko man!



2017-12-03: Keeping the place looking at its best even in the summer sun.

2017-12-01: Let the holiday begin! ✈️ ☀️ 🍹

2017-11-11: fl36zero chilling after a long day of spotting @dublinairport

2017-11-02: Mrs W has been very good to me 👍😍


2017-09-22: Güten morgen! My boy in his element today! @frankfurtairport

2017-09-22: Time to fly @ryanair to @frankfurtairport with @flykenzieuk

2017-09-11: Going underground

2017-09-11: Good morning!

2017-09-11: Crossing in the evening rain.

2017-09-07: Dinner time. Cheers!

2017-09-06: Last day working in Frankfurt, it’s been a blast. Think I deserve a little treat for breakfast …

2017-09-04: As it is my last week in Frankfurt I felt it was high time I introduced the German team to some …

2017-09-03: finndog105 and @flykenzieuk doing some spotting at @gla_airport today





2017-08-30: Time for breakfast. #swimmingagainstthetide #goingthewrongdirection


2017-08-24: Taxi! Destination GLA please.

2017-08-23: Smallest drinks glass I think I’ve ever seen.

2017-08-13: Today’s transport.

2017-08-12: Well it’s been a long day, it would be rude not to indulge just a little bit…

2017-08-02: Sunset #nofilter

2017-08-01: When in Spain… drink… German… beer?

2017-07-31: Sometimes the old games are the best.

2017-07-29: Kids in their natural habitat… keeping out of the sun as it’s 35 degrees.

2017-06-21: Cooling down.

2017-06-20: Just a little bit warm here…



2017-05-31: Well that’s, genuinely, the clearest sign I’ve seen today. #vsco

2017-05-29: Plane spotting with my son and fellow plane spotters - Mackenzie in his element with a great bunch …

2017-05-29: In a downward spiral. #vsco #glasgowairport

2017-05-29: Big plane is big. #vsco #planespotting




2017-05-23: It’s 26 degrees here in Frankfurt so obviously I have to cool down…

2017-05-22: Fountain by the opera. #vsco #photowalk #germany #frankfurt

2017-05-22: Apple Store Frankfurt after hours. #vsco #apple

2017-05-22: Klein Hochstrasse by night. #vsco #photowalk #germany #frankfurt

2017-05-22: On the outside looking in. Envy indeed. #vsco #photowalk #germany #frankfurt

2017-05-22: #vsco #photowalk #germany #frankfurt

2017-05-22: German city sunset #vsco #photowalk #germany #frankfurt

2017-05-21: Post gym selfie. And yes @flykenzieuk and I smashed our Activity goals before lunch! 😀👍

2017-05-20: Heading to our first @apple.stores photo walk in Glasgow

2017-05-11: After a long hot and uncomfortable travel home (suits are not made for travelling) Mrs W has the …




2017-05-09: Never a truer word…

2017-05-08: Oddly specific

2017-05-08: Cool place at night.

2017-05-05: As I said @mark.lythgoe normal service will resume shortly. We apologise for the lapse in judgement …

2017-05-05: The boys are chilling on the couch - pity I’ve got to work…

2017-05-04: Time to get myself home.

2017-05-04: Well here I am, on my todd at a hotel in bandit country (aka next to London city airport) with a …

2017-05-01: Time to fly.

2017-05-01: Early morning and whadyaknow I’m at an airport.

2017-04-30: Last one of the evening…

2017-04-30: Looking forward to trying this…

2017-04-28: Somebody really doesn’t want to go for a walk. #lazydog

2017-04-23: Preparing dinner the only way I know how… with a craft beer and some nibbles. Fajitas …

2017-04-19: Lovely evening in Germany.

2017-04-18: Dinner for one.

2017-04-15: Time for some dinner before heading home.

2017-04-14: Having a cheeky wee pilsner… and cake at the SkyGarden 🇬🇧😀

2017-04-10: Lunchtime and the sun is shining. Working from home isn’t so bad sometimes.

2017-04-02: Tired doggies.

2017-03-30: Dinner with a view.

2017-03-29: Time for a cold one.

2017-03-26: Lazy Sunday afternoons, sun is shining (for a change). 11 miles on the bike earlier with my boy so …

2017-03-26: Saw this and immediately thought of @colindomoney

2017-03-20: After a very long day, nice to have some fantastic vegan food. And of course a wee cheeky glass of …

2017-03-16: Been a while.

2017-03-15: It’s been a while.

2017-02-22: Pizza and beer with the multi-national team, watching a Bollywood thriller.

2017-02-20: Last week was pretty active. 😀

2017-02-02: Who you looking at? A lovely wee pencil drawing by my boy. Bit of a budding artist me thinks.

2016-12-31: Happy new year to all of you from all of us. Have a wonderful and prosperous 2017!

2016-12-30: Well here’s a thing… the last of the beers is rather good. A chocolate malt porter from …

2016-12-30: I think Harvey really wants me to play - can’t get to my seat for the toys he’s loaded …

2016-12-30: Fair to say these are going down well… this one is a cheeky wee English endeavour IPA.

2016-12-30: Well this is very nice indeed.

2016-12-30: Very excited to try out these craft beers in their matching glass, which I think is kinda cool.

2016-12-26: Traditional “boys watch the footie while the girls watch movies” day

2016-12-25: Third of the day. It’s hard going but we will do our best to make it through to dinner.

2016-12-25: Smoked Salmon with scrambled egg on toasted muffins. A perfect way to start Christmas!

2016-12-25: Merry Christmas everybody. Time to get breakfast sorted for everyone and then start Christmas …

2016-12-25: Best Christmas present ever. And yes it’s “just” headphones. Amazing bit of tech. …

2016-12-24: In the car Michael Bublé Christmas tunes on. Merry Christmas to everybody when it comes!

2016-12-20: Please play with me says Harvey.

2016-12-20: Somebody really wants to play.

2016-12-19: Time for number 2 of the birthday beers. Another Tempest Brewing Co. one, this time an Easy Livin …

2016-12-19: Looking forward to trying out the first of my birthday beers. Tempest Brewing Long White Cloud Extra …

2016-12-18: Dessert for the birthday girl. No spoon required.

2016-12-12: Jippi Jasai with tempeh - one of my favourites

2016-12-11: Guarding the Christmas tree. #christmasdogs. Photo credit goes to @mackenzie_waddell 😀👍

2016-12-11: klm looking after me this morning with a coffee before take off. Little things that make a …

2016-12-11: Travelling home in style. @flykenzieuk

2016-12-10: When in the Netherlands… well it would be rude not to…

2016-12-10: First of the day.

2016-12-10: Next stop Schiphol!

2016-12-10: This is just coke, definitely no morgans dark rum in there. No. No. 😀😳 way too early for …

2016-12-10: I think it’s finally sinking in that 1) he’s off to Amsterdam for two days for some …

2016-12-07: Yeah it’s been a tough old day

2016-12-07: Very pleased with the blue nylon Apple Watch strap I got for my birthday. Super comfortable and …

2016-12-07: Was great to be back in London for a couple of days this week. Good coffee once again! …

2016-12-03: Room with a view. Time for some champagne with mrs w.

2016-12-03: Stopping off for a wee spot of lunch with Mrs W on our wee night away

2016-11-29: Beautiful morning in Eschborn, you would never know it’s -3

2016-11-26: The home made vegan madras curry was amazing, even the dogs wanted some (they never got any)! …

2016-11-26: Cooking a madras with chickpeas, red pepper and spinach. Who says vegan has to be boring! #veganlife

2016-11-23: Christmas market shenanigans

2016-11-05: Who says going vegan has to be boring!? Tofu katsu curry ftw!

2016-11-04: Cheeky wee champagne on a Friday night, just because we can.

2016-11-03: My ride home tonight.

2016-10-23: Who made all the mess I wonder…

2016-10-23: Waiting patiently for their roast chicken dinner.

2016-10-15: I approve.

2016-10-07: Thinking about buying a new book, not sure though…

2016-10-06: Had the most amazing vegan meal tonight.

2016-10-04: Oh the irony, an advert in the KLM inflight magazine for the Galaxy Note 7 - saw it just after the …

2016-09-30: All the apple things.

2016-09-25: Email not found… I wish…

2016-08-31: First in the office… again. So much for German efficiency.

2016-08-29: Mrs W is having a coconut mohito. Guess I’m the designated driver then…

2016-08-29: Lunch with mrs W. Really cleverly designed Thai place - very authentic.


2016-08-17: Some new high school kids I know should take note - bullying is for losers.

2016-08-02: The end result after the three of us gave it our all. Defeated, kind of. What a place!

2016-08-02: Amazing food, you eat with your (freshly cleaned) fingers, messy but amazing!

2016-08-01: And to finish a hard night of partying for one… Some still water, chilled of course.

2016-08-01: How manly. Lilac ice cream inside.

2016-08-01: Aw yeah… Living the rock & roll lifestyle in Germany. Party for one!

2016-08-01: On my lonesome tonight, so burrito bowl it is!

2016-07-22: Last day in paradise. Now where did I put that cocktail? 🌴🌞🍸

2016-07-22: Words fail to capture just how incredible this place really is.

2016-07-11: Tough work this.

2016-07-11: Best of friends… For 30 seconds at least.

2016-06-29: So to balance out the small-ish beer I’m having a salmon salad.

2016-06-29: It’s warm and I need something cold to cool me down… Ahhh just what the doctor ordered!

2016-06-28: My taxi this evening. Frankfurt in the morning.

2016-06-22: Taxi to Glasgow please!

2016-06-21: Watching the Germany v Northern Ireland game with our German colleagues. Beer, bread, cheese, meat …

2016-06-16: Adios London. It’s been fun. Let’s do it again some time.

2016-06-15: No time for a pint. Loving walking around London again.

2016-06-15: A beautiful evening in London. Nice to be back even if only for a few days.

2016-06-14: Best coffee shop loyalty card ever.

2016-06-08: Spotted today near at client office … The only way to travel apparently!

2016-06-07: First and only alcoholic beverage of the day.

2016-06-06: It’s been a long day, it’s hot, I’m thirsty. Is that enough excuses? 👍😀🍺

2016-06-01: Mains - looks very dry but turns out it wasn’t and was awesome - loads of fresh veg and …

2016-06-01: Starter for one…

2016-05-30: Power up, take off, headphones on, sleep. Next stop Amsterdam

2016-05-27: Taking this crazy dude for dinner.

2016-05-21: Kids and their technology huh?

2016-05-10: Today’s client office. Think I’ll walk to the top…

2016-05-10: Fantastically healthy and tasty salad for dinner last night - no alcohol either! Feeling virtuous …

2016-05-09: To be fair it was a tight space, still… Nailed it.

2016-05-05: My office for today

2016-05-04: Just a little beer..

2016-05-01: What a rebel…

2016-04-30: I recommend you check out Don Melton's amazing set of command line tools (that use handbrake cli)… I recommend you check out Don Melton's amazing set of command line tools (that use handbrake cli) …

2016-04-21: Time to catch my ride home.

2016-04-19: Good morning from Germany.

2016-04-18: A pink straw in my drink. Really?

2016-04-17: Rock cakes by @georgia_waddellx - testing her home ec skills. Can’t wait to try these with …

2016-04-16: Not at spelling obviously …

2016-04-12: It’s been a while… @associationcoffee

2016-04-11: Starting the day as we mean to go on…

2016-04-11: Cheeky wee Starbucks with the kids.

2016-04-10: Lizzie is waving from the window behind us, I think…

2016-04-05: I’m think @applemusic is trying to tell me something @elliegoulding

2016-04-05: This can’t be good…

2016-03-31: From the “duh! obviously!” department of signage

2016-03-30: Güten morgen! Loving my @costacoffee from Frankfurt Messe Premier Inn. Great way to start my day in …

2016-03-30: Who would have thought this was a Premier Inn?


2016-03-29: Chilling out after a long day.

2016-03-03: My taxi home tonight - well… To Amsterdam at least.

2016-02-05: Time for some haggis, neeps & tatties.

2016-01-23: Well… It is Saturday…

2016-01-22: Happy Friday folks!

2016-01-18: Yes it’s Baltic here. Luckily we’ve found a warm place to take refuge, purely by chance …

2016-01-13: Great sunrise this morning. Good morning from London!

2016-01-04: One beer and he flakes out on me. Wimp dog.

2016-01-03: Two tired doggies are buried somewhere in there…

2015-12-31: Unable to move. House cleaning may have to wait…

2015-12-27: The force is strong little one… #starwars #obiwankenobi

2015-12-26: Boxing Day football with the grandads - Newcastle v Everton. What a game.

2015-12-23: I think my food photography obsession is wearing off on my boy…

2015-12-21: Spot of lunch with Mrs W

2015-12-17: Now that work is finished for 2015 it’s time to start the craft beers that my dad got me for …

2015-12-16: Cupcakes!

2015-12-12: Well… it would be rude not to.

2015-12-01: Hi Scott, thanks for the feedback – I have put in a link to a British slang site (it means to take… Hi Scott, thanks for the feedback – I have put in a link to a British slang site (it means to take a …

2015-12-01: You wait for one bus and 12 turn up. Good service!

2015-12-01: A modern day ‘howcatchem’ A modern day ‘howcatchem’ howcatchem — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inverted_detective_story Let me …

2015-11-30: First judo competition for my boy yesterday. He was so tired but still managed to pose for his old …

2015-11-30: First judo competition for my boy yesterday. Some good sparring, great experience for him and he can …

2015-11-29: Busy judo competition.

2015-11-27: Lunch with Mrs W

2015-11-26: Doing a wee experiment this week… Yay or nay with the facial hair?

2015-11-24: I’ve never seen tables dance, worth having a butchers?

2015-11-24: Anyone seen a cash machine round here?

2015-11-15: Harvey REALLY doesn’t want to go out in the rain - he thinks we can’t see him in his toy …

2015-11-13: Took this walking home the other evening in Frankfurt. The geometry and perspective fascinated me, …

2015-11-12: It’s been a hard but great week here in Eschborn. Time to relax!


2015-11-06: Mmmmmm nandos!

2015-11-05: Brewing up my latest @pactcoffee delivery. Looking forward to it!


2015-10-26: Listening to Jacques Panis of Shinola talk about reviving an old American brand. Really intriguing

2015-10-23: Salmon firecracker rice

2015-10-20: Scramble! Ah ha… See what I did there?!

2015-10-20: Yep. That’ll be a dog sitting in the bar waiting on a scotch egg. As you do.

2015-10-20: Cannot believe how hipster I’ve become.

2015-10-19: Meeting the film makers - Elliot “example” gleave and others

2015-10-11: Good morning from Ardgarten

2015-10-10: Popped into the Fyne Ales brewery today and picked up a couple of these craft beers to try tonight.

2015-09-30: Good morning from Germany!

2015-09-30: Not too sure I would want to be eating honey balls for my breakfast… But hey!

2015-09-30: Salmon salad and rice. Awesome.

2015-09-30: Summer rolls to start

2015-09-29: First of today…

2015-09-29: The St. Andrews flag flying in the German sky 😛

2015-09-29: Now THATS an egg sandwich!

2015-09-27: Not a great photo of the blood moon, best I could manage with my trusty iPhone!

2015-09-27: Good morning from Amsterdam!

2015-09-25: My boy @mackenzie__waddell got a @shoulderpod iPhone grip as a wee treat today. He takes a mean …

2015-09-25: Certainly is @pactcoffee ! I so need a great coffee this morning!

2015-09-23: Another raindance panel - creating an animated film

2015-09-22: Good morning from London!

2015-09-21: At the raindance webfest event.

2015-09-16: Cha Han donburi with chicken and prawns and a side of edamame. Awesome.

2015-09-14: Having some of this. Really rather nice - low cal and fat free. Something must be wrong!?

2015-09-12: Tamarind glazed salmon with sweet potato fries. Yum

2015-09-12: First of the day. Just like being in the Caribbean… except it’s raining and we are in …

2015-09-08: Duck with broccoli. Lovely jubbly!

2015-09-08: So many choices.

2015-09-06: So where exactly am I meant to sit? Dogs have taken over! Guess I’m on the floor.

2015-09-04: Lovely cup of coffee - this blend from @pactcoffee is really nice, rich and intense

2015-09-04: Got my next @pactcoffee in the post today. The kettle is on!

2015-09-02: Just a bit damp.

2015-09-02: Raining. Fantastic. Miles from my apartment. No hood.

2015-09-02: Colourful lights under the bridge


2015-08-27: Well the first @pactcoffee went down rather well. Even Mrs W enjoyed her first cup!

2015-08-27: Got my first @pactcoffee in the mail while I was away. Excited to try it out tomorrow morning.

2015-08-18: Never gets old.

2015-08-18: Fantastic sunset tonight in London #nofilter

2015-08-18: Check out who @jackwhitehall met tonight… Me!

2015-08-18: Meeting the filmmakers.

2015-08-18: I would say he is stuck.

2015-08-16: Beautiful day. Think it’s a day for fence painting!

2015-08-14: Lunch with Mrs W

2015-08-12: Incredible sea bass and Côte de boeuf. Amazing food all round.

2015-08-10: Starter.

2015-08-09: Next stop Frankfurt.

2015-08-08: Getting in some last minute training before a trip to Germany next week. Love the weissbier!

2015-08-05: Out for a ride on a boris bike. Great sunset.


2015-08-03: Been a while since I was last here.

2015-08-01: Manchego with tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper. Just like being back in Spain! Without the …


2015-07-27: Burrito time!

2015-07-25: Look what my dad got me. Looking forward to trying these micro brewery craft beers this weekend! …

2015-07-22: Organic salmon with new potatoes. I’m being a good boy - for a change.

2015-07-22: Thai fish cakes. Awesome.

2015-07-21: Some amazing old buildings around the south bank

2015-07-14: Lunch by the sea.

2015-07-12: Just had the most amazing tuna rojo for dinner.

2015-07-10: Great coffee. A wee break from the sun and some wifi as a bonus.

2015-07-10: It’ll do I guess

2015-07-02: Home at last. Having a lovely cold craft beer. Mrs W knows me so well 😀

2015-07-02: Travelling home. Been a long hot week. Time to cool down!

2015-06-29: First of the day

2015-06-28: Walking the dogs

2015-06-28: Apple watch kids

2015-06-22: I think my boy’s favourite colour might just be green. Just a thought…

2015-06-22: Got one of these thru the door today. Seriously. Have these guys heard of that thing called the …

2015-06-20: Just had a fabulous jake and mushroom omelette with superfood salad at the Crowne Plaza Mariner …

2015-06-18: Street food for lunch at @le_swine

2015-06-17: About to have this for my breakfast. I don’t understand what’s happening to me.

2015-06-15: Elton John and Kiki Dee would be so proud.

2015-06-15: #martinartman very cool sand sculpture


2015-06-10: Swanky new @Easyjet plane for the flight back home.

2015-06-07: Ready to fly to London with @Easyjet. Lovely morning too!

2015-06-05: Posted via @WorkflowHQ

2015-06-04: Time to head home

2015-06-03: Finished! Need to roll out of the restaurant now! Stuffed!

2015-06-03: Unbelievable dessert - as big as my head!

2015-06-03: Dinner tonight. Tapas German style. Very good too.

2015-06-02: Fish tikka. Amazing.

2015-06-01: First of the day.



2015-05-27: Another active day. Feeling tired. But feeling great too!

2015-05-27: Amazing to watch - without a raised word or any threats the protestors have been moved aside from …

2015-05-27: Police outnumbering protestors 4 to 1. Fascinating watching the tactics of each side tbh.

2015-05-27: Demonstration outside 10 Downing Street. Peaceful… For now…

2015-05-26: Yet another active day.

2015-05-26: Pretty spectacular view from my apartment this week.



2015-05-26: Sunset

2015-05-23: Head to head snoozing

2015-05-23: Two pooped pups

2015-05-20: Bring on the lobster!

2015-05-20: First of the day ;)

2015-05-19: Good morning! Important day ahead so it’s an early start for me (just like every day tbh)

2015-05-18: Oh yeah. Totally legit.

2015-05-18: My bunk for the evening. I wish.

2015-05-15: My long time favourite craft beer. Innis and Gunn rum finish. Lovely.

2015-05-15: This one up next. A lovely golden craft beer from the inveralmond brewery.

2015-05-15: Looking forward to trying out this craft stout from the cairngorm brewery.

2015-05-07: Like their thinking #Flickrapp

2015-05-07: Dessert. Well… Sort of.

2015-05-07: Mains

2015-05-07: Now this is a salad. Lovely!

2015-05-07: Starter

2015-05-06: Salmon fettuccine. Finally.

2015-05-06: Starting with a salad.

2015-05-06: First of the day

2015-05-05: See! Salad and everything!

2015-05-05: Being a good-ish boy this evening

2015-05-02: Beautiful morning

2015-04-30: Looks like the boys are getting along just fine

2015-04-29: Job done.

2015-04-29: Meat meat meat. Dinner time.

2015-04-27: Good morning!

2015-04-26: Harvey is sleeping

2015-04-26: Paella time

2015-04-26: Having a nice mug of fruit tea. My lovely daughter bought me the mug out of the blue the other day. …


2015-04-24: Got me a new toy. @snappy_d_happy you’re front and centre!

2015-04-23: A well deserved pilsner. It’s been a long tough week in Frankfurt.

2015-04-22: Number 24! Whatever that is…

2015-04-21: Antipasti to start

2015-04-20: First of the day. First mojito that is

2015-04-20: First of the day.

2015-04-19: Time for some strawberries - Spanish and delicious 😊

2015-04-07: Morning!

2015-03-26: Large sushi plate getting demolished.

2015-03-26: Sushi for dinner. The Fotumaki was excellent. @georgiaaaaaaaaaa_x

2015-03-26: First of the evening.

2015-03-25: Dinner tonight. Nice and light meal in Germany ;)

2015-03-25: It’s been a while…

2015-03-19: Precious cargo

2015-03-19: Hmmmmm…. I wonder what’s in the box :) @mackenzie__waddell @georgia_waddellxx

2015-03-19: Look what I found @georgia_waddellxx @mackenzie__waddell

2015-03-12: I haz it

2015-03-12: Thanks to @cranialstrain for reminding me how great the coffee is here @associationec3. It’s …

2015-03-12: Now THIS is a burger. A venison burger no less.

2015-03-12: It’s been a while @wildgameco @kerbfood

2015-03-11: Well good morning from London!

2015-03-10: Rundown estate between bishopton and langbank #darkroomapp

2015-03-10: Heading into work

2015-03-07: First of the day. A very nice rum indeed.

2015-03-04: Last day in Frankfurt. Always good to catch up with my German team. Much food. Many beers.

2015-03-03: Starter

2015-03-03: So either a robbers kabobs or a gipsy kabobs. Mmmmmm

2015-03-02: Time to fly. Again.

2015-03-02: Good morning from Holland

2015-03-01: Lonely sandwich

2015-02-20: Tower 42 looking great in the sunshine earlier this week.

2015-02-17: Good morning from London.

2015-02-12: Not sure Asda have thought through their product placement very well this Valentine’s Day.

2015-02-07: Awesome winters morning. Walking the dog after a great Burns night at Clydebank and district golf …

2015-02-05: I feel like sushi tonight. Like Sushi tonight. #homagetoachickentonightadvert

2015-02-05: Pork baboy courtesy of @bbqdreamz for lunch

2015-02-04: Another long day but with a nice reward. Burrito bowl for dinner.

2015-01-31: A hearty breakfast before a full on day snowboarding.

2015-01-31: A kopparberg cider to refresh myself after snowboarding today with @mackenzie__waddell

2015-01-27: Lots and lots of meat, veg and seafood. So much food. Many full stomachs.

2015-01-27: First of many courses

2015-01-26: First of the evening. Honest.

2015-01-20: Apfelstrudel and I’m done.

2015-01-20: Hmm… Perhaps a quicky for dessert…

2015-01-20: Meeting the meat.

2015-01-20: First of the day.


2015-01-18: Read to hit the run!

2015-01-16: Friday night kitchen chemistry with my boy.


2015-01-08: Trying some Filipino inspired BBQ courtesy of @bbqdreamz

2015-01-05: I would say it looks a bit more landscape myself.

2015-01-05: Dinner time. Burrito bowl time!

2015-01-05: Spotted this old post box the other day while out walking. Love the contrasting colours and …

2015-01-03: A great day today for a lovely winters walk #VSCOcam

2015-01-01: All set for some New Year’s Day footie on Skysports. Man Utd v Stoke.

2014-12-29: Smoked haddock and leek risotto.

2014-12-28: The George square crash impact is heartbreaking.

2014-12-28: Happened to be in Glasgow just as the 2min silence took place. Emotional but very proud to be a …

2014-12-28: View from the bridge

2014-12-28: Bishopton church

2014-12-28: Beautiful winters day

2014-12-26: Boxing Day footy on @Skyfootball via @nowtv - great way to finish off the family Christmas

2014-12-25: Salmon and scrambled egg muffins. Go!

2014-12-25: Christmas aprons at the ready. Let the cooking begin! Merry Christmas everyone!

2014-12-24: I think it’s fair to say I like these Orkney craft beers!

2014-12-20: And finally no 6 of 6. Not as good as some of the others but still a fine finish to my craft beer …

2014-12-19: No 5 of 6, very nice it was too.


2014-12-15: Very pretty.

2014-12-14: Number 4 of 6, Drygate Apple Ale.

2014-12-14: Well….. It’s almost Christmas. Have to try it out first!

2014-12-13: Next!

2014-12-13: Looking forward to this. First of six craft beers I got for my birthday. Wish me luck :)

2014-12-10: Lobster!

2014-12-10: Ready for some lobster action.


2014-12-10: Morning!

2014-12-07: Many, MANY, craft beers for my birthday courtesy of my dad. Cheers dad!

2014-12-07: Happy birthday to us! @mackenzie__waddell is 10 already! I’m just a wee bit older ;)

2014-12-04: Belated wedding anniversary champagne with mrs W

2014-12-03: My first chipotle.

2014-12-02: Ok so not exactly sushi but still Japanese. And delicious too.

2014-12-01: Tiger prawn temaki on the left, spicy tuna maki on the right. Delicious sushi @loveyoobi

2014-11-30: A beautiful winters day.

2014-11-29: Champagne with Mrs W. Happy anniversary when it comes.

2014-11-29: Christmas is in full swing

2014-11-26: Sushi!

2014-11-26: Ahem. I think it’s been a rather long day so it’s got to be time for a beer.

2014-11-25: Schnitzel. Well why not. It is Germany.

2014-11-25: First of (another) day.

2014-11-24: Duck with potatoes and sprouts. Mmmmmmm

2014-11-24: First of the day

2014-11-24: Possibly the tallest Christmas tree I have ever seen. About 30m / 90ft tall I reckon.

2014-11-24: Good morning from Schiphol

2014-11-23: The first of (probably) many today. Gonna be a long day!

2014-11-23: Finishing off an early dinner. Chocolate cake to the max!

2014-11-22: Mmmmmmmmm

2014-11-22: Picked up this interesting craft beer. Looking forward to it.

2014-11-21: Having a few of these lovely beers this evening.

2014-11-20: Scottish steak with stornoway black pudding.

2014-11-20: So so looking forward to trying out @castironlondon this week @kerbfood

2014-11-19: Some luvvies filming something or other

2014-11-18: Good morning from London

2014-11-17: Tower Bridge looking great this evening.

2014-11-14: Some Greek food at Kerb food this week

2014-11-11: Possibly the largest poppy in the world?

2014-11-11: Every Man Remembered


2014-11-11: Looks like rudolf has been eating well this year.



2014-11-10: Twinkle twinkle

2014-11-10: A little bit of Canada right around the corner from London Apple Store @reneritchie @jdalrymple


2014-11-10: I think this tree will fit in our living room… Just need to make sure it fits in the overhead …

2014-11-06: Kerb food today at lunchtime. Macaroni was great!

2014-11-06: Seriously? What kind of grown man wears trainers with wings?!

2014-11-06: It’s a beautiful fresh autumnal morning here in London

2014-11-05: Good morning!

2014-11-05: A wee cake as it’s Niko’s birthday. The cake is very small, the coffee is normal size, …


2014-11-02: Awesome home made paella accompanied by a great Malbec.

2014-10-23: Fair enough

2014-10-23: Kerb food. It’s been a while.

2014-10-23: Coffee time

2014-10-22: Bailey in the car the other day.

2014-10-17: Well… why not? We are on holiday after all!

2014-10-17: Sun is shining here at Centerparcs. Hope it stays that way!

2014-10-15: Looking forward to this rather nice Brugal rum. Brought back from Amsterdam tonight.

2014-10-13: Foggy morning

2014-10-13: Good morning!

2014-10-12: Bagel pizzas from yesterday by @mackenzie__waddell They were awesome, thanks son!

2014-10-02: Lunch. Balls! Meat balls!

2014-09-29: Honestly we have ordered food… @latasca

2014-09-27: Well you gotta start with something.

2014-09-27: Havana especial to kick off a wee day out.

2014-09-25: Time for schnitzel

2014-09-24: Spooky


2014-09-23: Xo oxo

2014-09-23: Pink floyd. Are they still a thing?

2014-09-22: iPhones everywhere

2014-09-21: Looking forward to seeing @chazmailey and @connormailey from @unit23 at the @danny_macaskill gig …

2014-09-21: Beautiful day for a bike ride

2014-09-21: Ready to roll!

2014-09-20: Off to the FreshnLo cycle Scotland thingy this morning at the sir Chris hoy velodrome. Then …

2014-09-20: Kinda quiet at the Glasgow Apple Store today…

2014-09-19: Four iPhone 6’s and we’re all done. Phew! 😊

2014-09-19: That’ll be three iPhone 6’s then

2014-09-19: Two iPhone 6’s

2014-09-19: One iPhone 6

2014-09-16: Anton du beke and judy Murray posing for a wee photo. As you do.


2014-09-15: The things you see in London

2014-09-11: Kerb food as a wee treat for lunch. Burrito!

2014-09-08: Be. A. No. Clever!

2014-09-08: Full moon over the Thames. No filter.

2014-09-07: Beautiful day for walking the dog.

2014-09-06: Butternut squash with chilli and coconut soup for dinner. Lovely soup made by mrs W :)

2014-09-06: Mobbed.

2014-09-05: Amazing sunset this evening. No filter.

2014-09-03: Meat. Meat. Meat. Oh and some mashed potato. These germans sure know how to get their five a day - …

2014-09-03: Handkäs cheese to start.


2014-09-02: The ice train cometh.

2014-09-02: A Train.

2014-09-02: Seize the day. Beef curry day.

2014-09-02: Bikes on the street.

2014-09-02: Deutsche Bank

2014-09-02: Looks like Christmas is coming early in Germany.

2014-08-31: Good morning!

2014-08-31: Sunny afternoon is sunny.

2014-08-31: I’m trapped. Time to send mrs W to the beer fridge ;)

2014-08-31: Couple of nice wee beers for a sunny Sunday afternoon. Prepping for my trip to Germany next week!

2014-08-30: Well this is the easiest decision I’ve ever made. No way baby!

2014-08-28: Bobs lobster

2014-08-27: Hmmm…

2014-08-22: Looking forward to a few of these tonight.

2014-08-21: Balls.

2014-08-20: Never a truer word.

2014-08-20: Lunchtime.


2014-08-19: Proper hamburgers.

2014-08-18: For Chris plank.

2014-08-18: The shard after the rainstorm.


2014-08-18: Storm clouds.

2014-08-16: Dinner with mrs W

2014-08-14: Just a wild guess but I think this MIGHT be the school bus. Not sure tbh.

2014-08-10: Looking forward to trying this wee scottish ale.

2014-08-07: Fudgepacker!

2014-08-06: Meantime… Beer!

2014-08-03: Mocktails at Chiquito for dinner. How very grown up @_louis1d

2014-07-28: David?


2014-07-24: Wee belated housewarming drinks with Mrs W, sitting on our new deck. Doesn’t get much better!

2014-07-24: Looking forward to trying the chicken from @billorbeak at Kerb







2014-07-22: Hoi! Heid!

2014-07-21: #RookieApp sunlight streaming in through my window this morning

2014-07-09: One for bob McGrath




2014-07-08: Anyone fancy a snog?





2014-07-07: Cricket seat

2014-07-03: I have literally NO idea what this is…

2014-07-02: Today my coffee is sad. Last day in Frankfurt, great to meet the guys here but glad to be going home …

2014-07-02: Dinner last night - almond crusted schnitzel stuffed with prunes with a side of potato salad. …

2014-07-02: My coffee is happy.

2014-07-02: Just a small sandwich for lunch…


2014-07-01: Chocolate dream. Twas very nice indeed.

2014-07-01: Surf and turf salad. Apparently.

2014-07-01: First of the evening. Unlikely to be the last. German loom band courtesy of my fab daughter.

2014-07-01: Team beers and food….. German style!

2014-06-30: Breakfast. Frankfurt style!


2014-06-19: Kerb food time.

2014-06-18: Last one for tonight. Cheesegrater and the walkie talkie

2014-06-18: The setting of the sun

2014-06-18: Incredible summer evening in old London Town. Most definitely the weather for a great walk walk …

2014-06-17: Beautiful sunset in London tonight. Great night for my walk. Knackered now!

2014-06-15: Me and my dad. Happy Father’s Day to us!

2014-06-15: Lovely Father’s Day breakfast cooked by my daughter - piece and fried egg. Yummy!

2014-06-15: My kids know me so well

2014-06-10: The bridge to enlightenment?

2014-06-10: Cathedral in the sun

2014-06-10: Gorgeous evening. Lots of fresh air, walking and cycling called for!

2014-06-09: One for @plankospics :)

2014-06-09: Prawns and tandoori broccoli. Lovely lunch!

2014-06-05: Heart attack in a bun. Was very tasty however!

2014-06-05: Time for a dirty BBQ - apparently it’s very very good. We shall see!

2014-06-04: Yet more meat!

2014-06-04: Rocketship

2014-06-04: Long way down

2014-06-02: Meat meat and more meat

2014-06-02: Meat. Meat. And more meat.

2014-06-02: First of the day.

2014-05-29: Serpentine lake

2014-05-29: Chicken katsu!

2014-05-29: Time for some katsu! Kerb food ftw!

2014-05-28: Guard!

2014-05-28: Burstin for a wee after my long walk. Think I’ll chap the door and see if they will let me in.

2014-05-28: Grrrr

2014-05-28: So if I understand this correctly… Boris lives here? Amirite?! ;)

2014-05-28: …Then four came along at once

2014-05-28: Telephony progress

2014-05-20: Chocolate plate

2014-05-20: Fillet of beef with Parmesan polenta.

2014-05-20: Culatelo, smoked ricotta and focaccia

2014-05-20: A wee cheap (not) bottle of Malbec with dinner

2014-05-20: Posh nosh


2014-05-17: The old man

2014-05-16: Curry night with Mrs W

2014-05-15: Having a Becks with an old buddy from Tesco Bank while we wait on our delayed flight back to Glasgow

2014-05-15: Rola Wala coriander chicken tikka roll. Yum!

2014-05-15: Street food!

2014-05-13: London eye and the moon

2014-05-13: I’m going underground, I’m going underground…

2014-05-13: Feeling blue?

2014-05-13: Here is the 9 o’clock news. I’m at Big Ben!

2014-05-13: Eye aye.

2014-05-13: London Eye and Big Ben in the distance.

2014-05-13: It’s all about the money, money, money.

2014-05-13: Cheesegrater anyone?

2014-05-13: Off out for a walk. Big Ben here we come!

2014-05-08: Lovely view from my apartment - dinner with a view. Photo is untouched.

2014-05-06: Storm clouds over London

2014-05-06: Beautiful evening in London. Time for a walk I think.

2014-04-24: Breakfast of champions!

2014-04-24: Morning all!

2014-04-06: Out for walk it’s a lovely evening

2014-04-06: Clearing out my wardrobe. None of these fit me any more! Need smaller clothes! :)

2014-04-05: It’s been a tough old day Bailey.

2014-04-05: Nearly done! Thai salmon and broccoli curry with sticky rice at the ready!

2014-04-05: Cooking red Thai salmon curry tonight. Yum!

2014-03-29: Time for a red run!

2014-03-23: Some nice wine after dinner.

2014-03-09: Taking Bailey for a walk

2014-03-06: Time to wake up @ costa coffee!

2014-03-02: Paella all done. Vamos!

2014-03-02: Starting the paella with Georgia co-cooking :)

2014-02-26: Coffee time.

2014-02-23: Ummm yeah… So this happened today…

2014-02-07: Tam o’ shanter

2014-02-07: Ready for the off at Clydebank and District Golf Club

2014-02-07: Preparations for tonight’s burns supper at Clydebank and District Golf Club are now underway!

2014-01-31: Bailey waiting for a treat.

2014-01-30: Another photo from Glenshee last week.

2014-01-24: I really wanted a roll & sausage. Willpower!

2014-01-18: Main course - chorizo morcilla and roasted red pepper risotto. Lovely!

2014-01-18: Starter - black pudding with Parma ham and poached egg. Beautiful.

2014-01-18: First of the day…

2014-01-18: Our view this morning

2014-01-17: Bailey, dinner is served!

2014-01-17: Bailey waiting for his dinner.

2014-01-06: Super busy on the train this morning. #vscocam

2014-01-04: Having a very nice bottle of Malbec, courtesy of my dad for Christmas. Thanks dad!

2013-12-29: Got a great wee book from my dad for Xmas. He knows me well!

2013-12-23: Tonight we are@having a lovely wee Champagne that I got for Mrs W’s birthday last week. Oh how …

2013-12-22: A nice wee glass of wine to start the festivities. Courtesy of my manager at Tesco Bank.

2013-12-21: Dinner table set by my daughter.

2013-12-19: Christmas lunch. Could get messy.

2013-12-11: Great to catch up with some former DB colleagues last night


2013-12-07: Time for a wee birthday drink. Thanks to my dad for buying me this lovely vintage rum from Barbados.

2013-12-06: The Christmas Tree is officially done!

2013-11-30: Lanson white champagne. Nice. Very very nice.

2013-11-06: I just made a #Mobli account! Check it out and follow me: alexwaddell

2013-11-05: At the fireworks display.

2013-10-12: Coconut martini. Hell yeah!

2013-10-09: You know, just in case we need to phone out for more toilet roll…

2013-10-07: It’s a hard life…

2013-10-05: First of the day :)

2013-10-05: We’re on our way to Mexico! Adios Escocia!

2013-10-05: We’re on our way to Mexico! Adios Escocia!

2013-10-03: Sorry… What is “responsible drinking”… Someone enlighten me…

2013-09-29: Chicken with chorizo paella - good to go

2013-09-29: Paella cooking - it’s coming along nicely, warming the wine too!

2013-09-29: Paella cooking - time to add the chorizo

2013-09-29: Starting the paella with Georgia

2013-09-28: Chicken fajitas! Arrrrrrrriiibbbbaaaa!

2013-09-28: Autumn is here

2013-09-15: A-huh-huh

2013-09-13: Walking Bailey

2013-09-07: Taking Bailey for his evening walk

2013-08-30: My boy catching some air over the kicker

2013-08-30: CCLASP charity bake sale today at work. Wee cupcake with my coffee…well it is for charity …

2013-08-27: Last post

2013-08-24: Oh it’s a tough life…

2013-08-24: Time for tea!

2013-08-22: Bailey sleeping on his back

2013-08-18: Daughter has a fractured wrist :(

2013-08-16: A wee treat with my mid morning cappuccino

2013-08-11: Venison sausages with mash and a cheeky glass of rose bubbly for dinner while the kids are on the …

2013-08-01: Feel the force…

2013-08-01: Paella from Jamon Jamon at Kerbfood! Vamos!

2013-08-01: Last time at Kerb food in London :(

2013-07-30: Subway signage

2013-07-30: L.O.V.E.

2013-07-30: Nine.

2013-07-30: Eight.

2013-07-30: Seven.

2013-07-30: Four. Five. Six.

2013-07-30: Three

2013-07-30: Two

2013-07-30: One

2013-07-26: Bailey…King of the castle.

2013-07-24: It’s my dad’s 70th birthday today. Happy Birthday Dad!

2013-07-23: Going to miss this…

2013-07-23: Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast

2013-07-22: Full moon tonight at Dolce Vita

2013-07-22: Casa Flores

2013-07-22: Yes you read it right… 42 degrees here in Spain at 1905… Hot!!!

2013-07-19: Yes that is just how hot it is here in Spain… 40 + degrees

2013-07-19: The UK might be having a heatwave, much as here in Spain… However does everyone have one of …

2013-07-19: After dinner drinks last night by the sea. So relaxing after a hard day in the sun.

2013-07-17: Having a nice glass of bubbly this evening

2013-07-16: Our view after dinner. Some ribera del duero vino tinto I think, courtesy of Dolce Vita Mojacar

2013-07-16: Sunshine salad for lunch.

2013-07-15: Evening sun

2013-07-13: Hard work in the sun :)

2013-07-09: Work is done. The holiday has officially commenced!

2013-07-08: Viva España!

2013-07-06: The Wee Spark

2013-07-06: Rocking it up on a Saturday night - cycling!


2013-07-05: Pork belly and biang biang noodles. Awesome

2013-07-04: Mama Wangs at Kerbfood London this week

2013-07-03: Lets go shopping!

2013-07-03: Hyde Park

2013-07-03: Serpentine Lake

2013-07-03: The Mall in full Union Jack splendour

2013-07-03: QE II Conference Centre

2013-07-03: Guvnor you got me bang to rights.

2013-07-03: This is channel 4

2013-07-03: Tin box maker no more

2013-07-03: My trusty steed awaits!

2013-07-01: City of London in one shot

2013-07-01: London skyline

2013-07-01: Red castle

2013-06-30: Unbelievable! Georgia went for a level 1 ski lesson tonight. She passed level 4! One more lesson and …

2013-06-30: Sunday morning fry up!

2013-06-27: All made fresh in front of you - awesome!

2013-06-27: Kerb food this week - Naan Roll.

2013-06-25: Afternoon coffee

2013-06-23: Birthday girl. Hard to believe it was 10yrs ago she was born!

2013-06-22: Actually no they’re not so cute… 😀

2013-06-22: They look so cute…

2013-06-20: Salt beef time at Kerbfood in London.

2013-06-16: Chillin with Georgia.

2013-06-16: One of my best Father’s Day gifts - Kindle Paperwhite. It’s lovely!

2013-06-13: Kerb food time again in London. Yes, that IS a van covered in artificial grass!

2013-06-12: Biggest pizza ever!

2013-06-09: Cricket on a sunny Sunday afternoon

2013-06-09: Another beautiful day in the west of Scotland. Time for a bike run to Loch Lomond. Hot hot hot!

2013-06-08: Sunny Saturday afternoons. Lovely jubbly!

2013-06-06: How exactly am I meant to work when the weather is as gorgeous as this?

2013-06-06: Ahhhh… Home for the weekend. Beautiful summers evening here in the west of Scotland.

2013-06-06: Handmade ice lollies too.

2013-06-06: Big apple hot-dogs for street food lunch today.

2013-06-05: The shard behind hays galleria

2013-06-05: The west tower

2013-06-05: The Cradle Tower

2013-06-05: Tower Bridge on a fine summers evening

2013-06-05: London construction skyline

2013-06-02: Burgers nearly done, chicken coming along nicely too

2013-06-02: The burgers are on. I repeat, the burgers are on!

2013-06-02: Prepping the barbie. Nearly ready for the burgers and chicken.

2013-06-02: It’s a beautiful beautiful day in the west of Scotland. Summer is here at last!

2013-05-22: Just the one…

2013-05-21: Right I’m here - here’s hoping Lizzie is in! :)

2013-05-21: #safflondonborisbiketrip

2013-05-21: Hyde park #safflondonborisbiketrip

2013-05-21: #safflondonborisbiketrip on my way to see the queen :)

2013-05-21: Think I need to down a few of these bad boys tonight!

2013-05-19: Moahr fire pit

2013-05-19: Fire pit

2013-05-18: Snowboarding club @snowfactor

2013-05-17: Our new monoblock driveway and path is coming along nicely

2013-05-17: South London skyline #safflondonborisbiketrip

2013-05-17: Tower 42 from below. #safflondonborisbiketrip

2013-05-16: Ladies and gentlemen, meet Lord Rupert from @brisketbel

2013-05-16: Salt beef it is. @brisketbel

2013-05-16: Street food time!

2013-05-15: St Paul’s Cathedral

2013-05-13: Groovy lights.

2013-05-13: London Eye full on #safflondonborisbiketrip

2013-05-13: The London Eye #safflondonborisbiketrip

2013-05-13: Big Ben #safflondonborisbiketrip

2013-05-13: The Houses of Parliament #safflondonborisbiketrip

2013-05-13: Lambeth walk

2013-05-13: Imperial War Museum

2013-05-09: Streetfood thursday - its Taco time in London!

2013-05-08: The Tower of London

2013-05-08: Tower bridge

2013-05-08: Southwark cathedral and the Shard under stormy skies

2013-05-08: Off out for a cycle down “saff London” on a Boris bike

2013-05-07: London bridge with the shard behind. Lovely night here in London

2013-05-04: Afternoon tea has arrived!

2013-05-04: First of the day!

2013-04-28: Emma, Georgia and Isla at SnowFactor

2013-04-28: Even Mackenzie loves our homemade butternut squash soup - who says he’s a fussy eater?!

2013-04-28: Homemade butternut squash soup for lunch

2013-04-28: Kenzies snowboards are finally up!

2013-04-27: Tired boy

2013-04-25: Chicken in a bap with mac n cheese!

2013-04-25: Very busy today at the street food trucks :(

2013-04-20: Georgia and Bailey cuddling on the outside sofas. So cute

2013-04-18: Oh yeah… Salt beef, pickled beet root and cheese on rye bread. It is good. Very very good.

2013-04-18: This weeks kerb food extravaganza - salt beef on rye. Awesome.

2013-04-11: This weeks street food - creole goat curry.

2013-03-28: This weeks street food extravaganza - devilled pork roll from @dickensfood

2013-03-21: Say hello to The Kanye Western from Anna Maes - street food in London.

2013-03-21: Street food time again - mac n cheese I think!

2013-03-21: Looking up from the bottom of the gherkin

2013-03-14: Street food in the city (London). Looking forward to this paella!

2013-03-13: Dinner - duck salad and spicy potato wedges. Awesome after a good gym session tonight.

2013-03-11: Oi! Who you lookin at?!

2013-03-11: Erskine bridge

2013-03-11: Bailey sleeping

2013-02-04: Dinner time

2013-02-03: Going nowhere fast