Decided it’s about time I learned Swift… Playgrounds on the iPad is really a lot of fun. I may not get much sleep tonight… it’s kinda addictive! 🤓

A wonderful episode of @gruber @thetalkshow from WWDC and it looks fantastic in the Castro podcast app from @supertopsquid

For anyone running the iOS 12 beta… has the podcasts app changed at all? Or is it still as dreadful as ever?

My @apple AirPods & iPad Pro delight me every single day. Today I had to sign a document (that I stupidly forgot to), with the Apple Pencil it was mere seconds to do it and email it back. Of course I did this listening to the Chvrches on @applemusic on my AirPods!

Does anyone have thoughts/preferences for a great code editor app on iPad? Specifically looking for one that can handle swift…

Really looking forward to WWDC today - no leaks potentially means lots of great software stuff is coming :)

This is becoming a habit… not that I’m complaining however…

Has anyone worked out how to link a ghost blog to

Any fellow EU users getting worried/pi55ed off about @Instapaper and the abrupt shutdown in Europe due to GDPR? I’m a long time user, used Pocket from time to time but nothing has the reading experience of Instapaper… Hoping it really is just temporary!!!

I don’t know what’s worse, being awake and travelling at such an ungodly hour, or having a McDonalds coffee as it’s the only place open…

Chilling out before packing up for the ridiculously early flight back to Scotland tomorrow morning :(

Is there a meetup in London? Anyone know?

Just subscribed to a paid plan. These guys deserve to succeed where Twitter has utterly failed.