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I have an idea...

## What's this all about?

_Well, first a little bit of history about me..._

I have been working for a long (long) time as an independent IT consultant, focussing on IT Security, primarily strategy and architecture. While I find this hugely rewarding work (and it pays well), there is nothing I can publicly say "I did that" or "I built that", such is the nature of my line of work.

I also want keep my skills relevant as the world moves ever more rapidly into the mobile app + service model.

So I have an idea for a service fronted by a mobile app and possibly native apps and maybe even a browser app thrown in for good measure.

_Did I tell you I like challenge? :)_

What is this service etc that I want to build? Well, that I will keep to myself until (I hope) we get to MVP.

I have a LOT to learn and get better at - new programming language(s), cloud app stacks, cloud infrastructure, code management, project management, sales, marketing and whatever else a one-man-band needs to get his crazy idea off the ground!

So I intend to post here frequently, documenting my progress - warning it may be slow and infrequent!