Thinking about code & software stacks

Amongst family summer holidays and work I've been thinking about what my little software project should be written in and how it should run.

My criteria are relatively straightforward (I think): * It must be a modern coding language * It must be easy to write, maintain and debug * It should be possible for mobile applications to be developed with as little recoding effort as possible (Not easy perhaps) * It should run on just about anything (no ties to a specific vendor platform) * It should NOT be Java (I have a love/hate relationship with Java)

So taking into account all of the above criteria, I spent several weeks researching the various languages and stacks, giving seriosu thought about what to use.

I think I've settled on the following for the server side: * Swift 4.x running server side * Vapor 3.x to run swift * API umbrella sitting between the backend and web/mobile applications

I can easily run Vapor and Swift on my MacBook Pro, allowing me to develop locally and push to my private gitlab repo.

For mobile client applications I am still not convinced what to do - it ultimately depends on how many prospective users of the app will be using iOS or Android. I will defer on this for now and do some skunkworks polling on forums specific to the community that I'm trying to target.