Hoping my daughter will make this amazing combo again soon - here’s what she made me for Father’s Day breakfast a couple of weeks ago. It was fan-blooming-tastic! #greatfood #avocadoeggtoast

Wise words. Good morning!

Finally wearing this t-shirt today, thanks to the wonderful guys at Twitterrific for sending me it! @gedeon

Happy 16th birthday to my beautiful daughter…how did that happen?! Beautiful inside and out 💕💕💕 #family #lovelife #sweet16

Spotted the weirdest cloud I’ve ever seen when driving to the shops yesterday. Never ever seen a square cloud before. Bizarre.

My daughter made me an amazing Father’s Day breakfast this morning, toast with smashed avocado topped with a perfectly poached egg. Worked in the garden this afternoon and my son even helped me, what a day! #feelinglucky #fathersday


Twitterrific 6

Twitterrific 6 launched this week. I’ve used their apps on iPhone, iPad & Mac since, well, forever and I’ve never truly thought about the cost. Until this week. Their new business model made me sit back and think about just how much I‘ve spent on their apps over the years and I realised it simply wasn’t enough. Great software costs and users should pay for it, no questions asked. That’s why I immediately signed up for @Twitterrific ’s annual plan and if you use a Twitter you should too.

That feeling when Liverpool win #uefachampionsleague

Spot of dinner before watching the game at our local beach bar #liverpoolfc #holaola #thebestlife

Aaannndddd relax!😀🍷#mojacar #puravida