App updates I’m most looking forward to: 1 - Overcast (new design and watch app) 2 - 1Password 3 - Every app that uses Siri shortcuts

iOS features I’m most looking forward to: 1 - Grouped notifications 2 - Screen time (to manage downtime for kids) 3 - Performance 4 - Siri shortcuts (hell yeah!) 5 - Portrait photo improvements 6 - Password manager API

Happy iOS 12 day everyone! What features and/or app updates are you most looking forward to?

Bailey keeping a watch out for his mum coming home. @waddell5081 #iphonex #portrait #nofilter

The quality of pictures from the portrait camera on the iPhone X in iOS 12 is just stunning.

Timely… I’ve been reducing the news accounts I follow on social media platforms like twitter and Facebook and going back to good old RSS to get my news fix.…

Demystifying RSS

My daughter just adores her horse Carrie, here she is giving her a quick groom before giving her some leg stretches as recommended by the horse physio (yes there is such a thing!).

So do we think there will be an iOS 12 beta 13 today with GM next Wednesday after the Apple announcement? Kind of feel that there are still a few rough edges in iOS 12 needing smoothed out, especially around App Store app locking up for no good reason. Thoughts anyone?

Walking the dogs earlier today, love living near the countryside especially when the weather is good.

Ummm…. yeah… I’m trying Apple, really I am!!!

Slow Burn...

For the first time in quite a long time I’ve run out of tech podcasts to listen to, however I’ve recently found the rather wonderful 1st season of “Slow Burn” from Slate :…

I swear you could replace “Nixon” with “Trump” and it all still makes perfect sense…

Have a listen to it, you really will NOT regret it:…

Yup, it’s warm alright. #frankfurt #takingonefortheteam

Heading out for dinner, it’s a “cool” 30 degrees right now. Ice cold beer required. #frankfurt #sunny

Really really looking forward to the next release of Sunlit from @manton - Instagram is really beginning to grate on me, the advertising is getting out of hand … virtually one in every 4 posts is an ad 😡